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ROOM ÜSKÜDAR       14:30 - 16:00



The  endothelium and peripheral nervous system in hypertension


Chairs: Peter J. Blankestijn, Utrecht, The Netherlands
             Michal Mysliwiec, Bialystok, Poland

- Vascular adhesion protein  (VAP-1) in hypertensive patients in CKD
Michal  Mysliwiec,  Bialystok, Poland
- Baroreflexes and CV complications  in ESRD and dialysis
Andrzej  Wiecek,  Katowice, Poland
- FGF 23 and endothelial function in  CKD and transplant patients
Mahmut  Ilker Yilmaz,  Ankara, Turkey
- Angiotensin II and endothelial  cell permeability
Laszlo  Rosivall,  Budapest, Hungary

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